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dj miss beat bio

Music has always been my passion and that has resulted in more than 15 years experience in this sector. At the age of 13 I was already roaming the streets of Barcelona searching, buying and listening to vinyls, thus acquiring an extensive background.


In 2002 I became a resident dj at Plataforma, an emblematic nightclub in Barcelona where I played pop rock, indie and big beat rhythms. It is there that I discovered that not only I like to listen to music but I also love making my audience dance.

Soon after, I finished my higher degree studies in sound and began to work as an audiovisual technician, in dubbing and later in live shows, which allowed me to gain experience as a monitor technician for bands such as Lagartija Nick, BGKO, Morgan or MIS. During that time, I also developed my DJ skills while working in various events, where I played all sort of musical styles, depending on what was needed: I am able to offer a session made of a selection of tunes for a company event, as well as danceable rhythms for a wedding. My musical knowledge enables me to adapt to whatever is needed, sourcing anything from soul classics of the 60s to the latest hits, but always giving it a different twist. In my sessions you will listen dub, tropical, soul, funk, disco and electronic rhythms such as chill wave and house.


My studies as a sound technician allow me to offer a much more complete service since I have the knowledge to solve any technical problem that may occur. I also have my own sound equipment.

If you love music and want a carefully and different musical experience for your event, get in touch


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